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A gathering place for those who share the last name of Hartt



"Hartt" Name Source

14th Century Irish poetry uses the word "hartt" to refer to a deer. In England and Scotland, the word for deer, "hart", was spelled with one 't'. Therefore, it appears Hartt is originally Irish.

There are Hartts in Ireland today. One of the known trees specifies a place called Baleina, County Mayo, in the northwest of the Country of Ireland.

So far, the earliest known record of the Hartt family is from 1635, when Isaac Hartt arrived in Lynn, Massachusetts. This information is from the family Bible owned by H.B. Hartt (1889 - 1972), and currently in the possession of Allan C. Hartt of Whidbey Island. No further documentation is known.

The family lived in the New England area for many generations. The revolutionary discussions of the patriots divided the family; many went north to the New Brunswick area rather than rebel against the authorities. Edmund Hartt's shipyards built the warship U.S.S. Constitution for battles in the early 1800's, so many must have remained in the United States as well.

Migrations from eastern Canada to the west side of the continent in the late 1800's and early 1900's expanded the family's reaches.

Obviously, this is a very limited story. Thousands of Hartts live all over North America and around the world. But how we all connect is not laid out in one definitive place. Send your story, let us incorporate all of our stories into one mosaic of inter-relatedness. We look forward to hearing from you.


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