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The Hartt Page
A gathering place for those who share the last name of Hartt



World Wide Roster

This listing is just a sample of Hartts around the world, in no particular order (other than alphabetical) and no particular significance or meaning. Bold-named people have shared information directly at one time or another. If their e-mail address is highlighted in red, they have specifically expressed a willingness to share with others about Hartt information. Others may be willing to share, but without their permission, please respect their privacy.
Butler, Vicki
great-great-granddaughter of Mary Alberta

Cheney, Richard
Mother is Bertha Hartt, gggd of Jonathon and Mercy (Hawkes) Hartt

Cowland, Diana
New Brunswick

Craig, Susan (Allen)
Father is David Allen, son of
David Hartt, Fredericton, NB

Dares, Miriam Nason
1a2b3d4d5a6f7b on list

Denton, Don R.

Dick, Eldon and Carole

Ewbank, Scott
huge source of information

Freeman, David  

Hartt, Allan C.
308 E. Alderwood
Coupeville, WA 98239

Hartt, Betsy 
Bear Cove Resources
Bear Cove, RR #1
142 East Berlin Road
Brooklyn, Queens Co., Nova Scotia
B0J 1H0

Hartt, Brian E. 

Hartt, Byron  
Port Cartier, QUE
Very knowledgeable about Hartts

Cathy Hartt, RN, CNM, MS
A Midwife's Hartt-beat  Newsletter

HARTT, Cathryn

Hartt, Cathy Ferron, RN, CNM, MS
431 S. 2nd St.
Montrose, CO 81401

HARTT, Chris

Hartt, Chris

Hartt, David

Hartt, Drew
pro golfer
Calgary, ALB

Hartt, Geoff
5235 NE 72nd Ave
Portland, OR 97218 
especially interested in Hartt information from the Wisconsin/ Michigan area

Hartt, Gregory

Hartt, Jack and Susan
9602 W. Old Charles
Nine Mile Falls, WA  99026

Hartt, Jared

Hartt, Jay


Colorado Springs, CO, US

Hartt, Jennifer



Hartt, John

Hartt, John F.
618 W. 142nd St. #1c
New York, NY 10031

Hartt, John S.
Seattle, WA 98117

Hartt, Jordan
Western Washington University

Hartt, Linda

Hartt, lj





Hartt, Randi and Marina
8211 16th Ave NE 
Seattle, WA  98115

Hartt, Richard
Montana USA


Hartt, Ryan
might be old: from a Harp Jammies newslist

Hartt, Stephen
ct, US

Hartt, Stephen
Shreveport, LA, US

Hartt, Stephen
Shreveport, LA, US

Hartt, Susan
see Jack Hartt,Spokane

Hartt, Wayne
Longview, TX, USA

Hartt, Y

Miller, Eva R. 
Photo on their 50th anniversary

O'Neill, Kathryn (Hartt)
Lynnwood, WA

Rogers, Gordon and Grace
this family is generously sharing a wealth of material that is researched in detail.

Sanders, Sandi Hartt
family from Detroit area

Shaffer, Sue (Hartt)
1665 CountrysideDr.
Indianapolis, IN 46231

Still, Beatrice
Mother was a Hartt


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