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A gathering place for those who share the last name of Hartt



Famous Hartts

There are only a few Hartts in the world, so the number of famous Hartts is not extensive. But several Hartts have left us an interesting legacy throughout the years of time. Here are some of them.

Edmund Hartt

Perhaps the most famous Hartt of all is Edmund Hartt of Boston. The Hartt Shipyards constructed the U.S.S Constitution, the famous fighting ship known as "Old Ironsides". Built in 1797, this 44-gun frigate was 175 feet long, 43 feet wide, with a displacement of 2000 tons.

On July 17, 1812, it escaped a squadron of seven British ships. On August 18, it captuerd the British frigate Guerriere. On December 29, it captured the British frigate Java and five smaller vessels. It continued to enjoy success throughout the War of 1812, but after the war was condemned by the naval commissioners. A poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes did what its former captains also did: saved the ship from enemy forces, and soon it captured the hearts of its countrymen.

It now rests in Boston Harbor.

More information about Edmund.

Hartt Shoes hartboot.jpg (16877 bytes)

When you consistently create a world-class product at a reasonable price, the word will eventually spread.

Such is the case of Hartt Shoes. The Fredericton company has been providing distinctive calf-high Strathcona dress boots to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the past 18 years. These are the boots you see worn by Mounties in the famed Musical Ride, and at other ceremonial events.

Odber Miles Hartt from Fredericton built the factory. He was apprencticed as a shoe maker at teh age of 13, in a factory in North Adams, near Boston. He spent most of his life working in varius shoe factories in New York, Michagan, Missouri, Indiana, and Massachusetts. (source: Diana Cowland)

Drew Hartt, Golfer

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Drew attended San Jose St. in California. He won the 1983 Alberta Amateur Championship, and won the 1985 Alberta Open (A).

He turned pro in 1989.

In 1995 Drew won the Desert Tour event. In 1993 he had three 2nd place finishes on the North Florida Tour. In 1992 he won the Central Florida tour event; in 1990 he won two CPGA winter tour events and was the top money winner on the CPGA winter tour.

Frederick S. Hartt, Geologist

Frederick C. Hartt joined the Louis Agassiz journey to Brazil in 1865 as a geologist for the Thayer expedition.

David Hartt

In 1958 David Hartt established the Christian Radio Network, Radio Light (Radio Lumiere), a work which continues today, in Haiti. The French island of Guadeloupe also was evangelized by David Hartt, and several strong and vibrant churches have grown in both locations because of his work.

Hartt Hollow

More than seventy years ago, a small child sat on his front porch listening to
the fiddle music coming out of his neighbor's hen house. In the cool darkness
of the Vermont evening, the sweet sound of strings, merriment and dancing
were like a beacon to the boy. His name was Harold Luce, and he grew up to
become one of the premier traditional fiddlers of his generation. Along with the
other members of Hartt Hollow -- fellow fiddler Wayne Doyle, guitarist
Mervin Comes and bassist John Doyle -- Harold's still weaving the magic of
that long ago summer night when music brought communities together. At
once fresh and familiar, the songs of Hartt Hollow transport you to a rapidly
vanishing time and place, and like old friends, are guaranteed to make you
smile awhile.


Charles Fredrick Hartt

Born in Frederiction N.B in 1840 and died 1877 in Rio, his remains were returned to his widow some years later for burial in Buffalo NY. He also held the prestigious chair of geology at Cornell University when he was 28 years old. Published a book , LECTURES OF ZOOLOGY, and was general secretary of the American Association for Advancement of Science. When Hartt accepted the job at Cornell university he marrried and took up US citizenship. Dr W Brice of the university of Pittsburgh has the biography of C.H. Hartt in progress.

Frederick Hartt, Author

For over twenty years, Frederick Hartt's History of Italian Renaissance Art has been considered
the best book ever written on this important period in Western art. Comprehensive, well-illustrated,
and entertaining, it is also a model of clarity and scholarly precision. Now, the fourth edition of this
unrivaled classic is provided for another generation of readers. This newly designed edition includes
an extended presentation of the Quattrocento and Cinquecento in Florence, Rome, and Venice, as
well as additional pictured works by north Italian artists and by Florentine artists of the Maniera.
The revising author, David Wilkins, has remained sympathetic and sensitive to Hartt's vision and
approach while drawing upon the latest research to bring the text up to date. There are many new
colorplates, including fourteen details of Michelangelo's freshly cleaned, resplendent Sistine Ceiling
frescoes. A portfolio of full-page color room views has been added as well, showing major works
of art in situ. Many paintings and sculptures have been rephotographed specially for this edition
since they were cleaned and restored, and many more are now illustrated in larger size. Because
context is so important to the understanding of Renaissance art, information has been added to the
captions indicating when a work is still in its original location. And, when known, the name of the
patron who commissioned a work has been added. Frederick Hartt writes with authority and
eloquence on the sculpture, architecture, and painting of more than four centuries, and David
Wilkins has respected and maintained his high standards. The Renaissance was an extraordinarily
fertile era, when, in a burst of staggering creativity, humanist painters rediscovered and gave new
meaning to portraiture and landscape painting; sculptors fashioned life-sized freestanding figures
with remarkable virtuosity and revived the classical ideal of the nude; and architects planned and
built edifices of rare grace and invention. Beautiful illustrations, fine writing, and authoritative
scholarship bring into focus all the elements of this multifaceted period. Fully indexed, and including
an extensive glossary and an updated bibliography, the fourth edition of History of Italian
Renaissance Art offers a fresh and inviting design, displaying the extraordinary visual and textual
material to full advantage.

Professor Kenneth L. Hartt


Ph.D. Nebraska (1963)

theory and analysis of chaotic systems
few-nucleon problems
inverse scattering
theory of mathematical modeling

The Hartt School HArtt2.jpg (6259 bytes)

Harttmini.gif (2012 bytes)The Hartt School has an international reputation for preparing many of the
world's finest musical performers, teachers, and creative artists. Its dedication
to the highest performance standards has been recognized by an accreditation
from the National Association of Schools of Music. As a Hartt student, you
will enjoy personal interaction with a highly trained and experienced faculty,
many of whom are distinguished as performers around the world.



Allan Hartt, Fisheries Research Biologist
University of Washington

Jordan Hartt

Jack Hartt, Park Ranger
Washington State Parks

okay, so it's a stretch that I'm famous. I am to my wife and children, and God knows my name very well: he keeps yelling it often enough: "Jack Hartt, you bozo, what are you doing now?!!" Isn't it good that he has already forgiven everyone who gave their life to him? Just because his son gave his life for us. Who is in control of your life?



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