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W. C. Hartt left a journal for the period May 9 - July 16, 1883, two years before he married. It was recorded in a cloth-bound lined notebook about 4" x 7". Since the booklet contained column markers, it was probably one of the field notebooks he used for his work as a log scaler on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. Click here to read it on-line:

Newsletter Online

Cathy Hartt, R.N., C.N.M., M.S.

Lisa Hartt Band
Lisa Hartt (vocals)
Rayburn Blake (guitar)
Denny Gerrard (bass)
Richard Yuen (keyboards)
Marty Cordray (drums)



Bass Fishing-Basic Lures & Tackle.

Excerpts from: A Lifetime of Hunting & Fishing-By Wayne Hartt ©

Kim Hartt
    Kim Hartt is a world class national level fitness competitor, personal trainer, and aerobics instructor.  She is a muscular woman who is the epitome of health and fitness.  Armed with a beauty, a perfect symmetrical body, and an endless amount of high energy, Kim Hartt is making herself a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world.

When Angels Intervene To Save The Children: The Cokeville, Wyoming Bombing Incident

By: Wixom, Hartt
Revised Edition//Trade Paper
198 pages
Publication Date: March 1994
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.

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Hartt Transportion Company,
Bangor, Maine

Brian Hartt

Appeared in, or contributed to the following movies...

Best of the Kids in the Hall 1993, Star

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Complete Idiots Guide To Grandparenting

By: Hartt, Marilyn; Hartt, Walter; Hartt, Walter R.

312 pages
This heartwarming book offers new grandparents a refresher course in baby
basics, such as how to childproof a home and choose appropriate toys. It
teaches grandparents how to best fulfill their special role as a source of
wisdom, counsel, and family lore--an uplifting guide every new grandparent
will need.
Pub Date: December 1997
Pub: Alpha Books

Brian Hartt, Photographer

Brian has many years of experience in scenic photography. He has worked and lived in various regions of Canada, from the arctic in the North West Territories to British Columbia in the west and the Labrador coast in the east. He enjoys traveling around beautiful Vancouver Island, always trying to capture that perfect picture.

Brian also has his own on-line gallery called "Pictures From The Hartt", which you can visit from our links section.

Hartt Island Campground

The source of the name is not verified, but Hartt Island Campground is located in New Brunswick, Canada, near Fredericton, York County. It is in the River Valley Scenic Drive area, and has 30 fully serviced sites and 70 semi-serviced sites.




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