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Welcome! We invite you to say hello, to view the family tree, and add your branch as you know it. If you have to spell your name to others by saying "that's Hartt with two t's" , then this is the place for you!

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Many new changes and additions, thanks to recent correspondence. Thank you!

Due to many other responsibilities, this website is rarely updated, and responses to emails may take a few months, or even years.... Sorry, but time is limited to top priorities right now, and right now this is not my top.
Please accept my apologies, but enjoy what has been gathered and presented here.

The source of the Hartt family name, as far as we have discovered. Much remains to be found. Why two t's? Help us!
The Worldwide Roster lists and links to every known Hartt. Active names indicate who has contacted us. Web page links included.
The Hartt Family has touched this world throughout history. Discover how. Share stories with us about your famous Hartt relatives.
Links to businesses and other connections in the world-wide Hartt family.
A growing list of famous sayings and quotes about the heart, in many different contexts.

Brought to you by the Jack and Susan Hartt family, Spokane, Washington, USA.
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