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David Roy Hartt


    I, David Roy Hartt, was born March 18, 1894, at Solon Springs, Wisconsin, the youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Hartt.  I had 2 sisters and 4 brothers.  My oldest sister, who was the eldest child of my father's family, died two days before I was born.

    My family moved to Tacoma, WA, in 1898 and I grew up there.  In 1915, I went to Seattle to work, and here I became acquainted with Jennie Lind Roach  whom I had met in Tacoma at a church conference a year or more previously.  We became engaged in 1917, were married April 7, 1918 and lived in Bremereton, WA, where I now worked and where two of our children were born.

    July, 1921, we moved to Seattle where I found work with SEARS, Roebuck, & Co.  In 1926, they sent us to Stockton, CA and in February 1927, they sent us to Los Angeles.  While we lived in Seattle, three of our children were born.

    In 1928, SEARS sent us to Reno, Nevada as Manager of their new store there.  In December, 1929, the depression hit us and the store went into the red, and despite all that I could do, I could not bring it back into the black.  In April, 1930, the firm offered us a lesser position in the Sacramento store where they moved us.  Jan 1, 1931 we were moved to Sacramento.  Then Joe was born in San Francisco, and owing to living conditions being so crowed, we requested and were granted a transfer to Spokane, WA.

    June, 1940, I left SEARS, and we moved to Silverdale, WA where I worked for the U.S> Navy Yard again, having worked for them in 1917 to 1921 as machine operator, driller, machinist helper, machinist.  In all the places where the Lord had us moved, I was able to be busy in Sunday School and gospel ministry in my spare time.

    Our eldest son, David, was saved at Lake Sammamish Bible Camp in July, 1936 and in 1938 he went to Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta for training, and shortly thereafter he urged me to take at least one year at Prairie.  By Fall, 1943, Jennie was willing to go to Prairie, and the following Fall we all moved to Prairie as students, where we studied that year, and stayed on as summer workers.  Just before school opened the Fall of 1945 the Board of Prairie invited us to join the staff, and the Lord confirmed that this was His will, so we did join the staff, where we served for 40 years, and these were the best years of our lives.  I must say, however, that ll our lives we have enjoyed the blessings and the joy of the Lord.  We were housed in X dorm (now known as Spruce Grove Residence) for 31 years.

    October, 1980, we were moved to the "Haven of Rest" a rest home for retired staff which Prairie operated for some years; however on July 4, 1984, during the night, Jennie fell and injured her breast bone, and could neither stand nor sit, but was bed ridden.  Dr. Uptigrove was able to get her admitted into the Extended Care section of the new hospital on July 7 which was the day the new hospital was opened to patients, and I was also admitted Feb. 4, 1985.  Here we shared a large double room ( #208) for nearly 5 years until Jennie went to Heaven, January 13, 1990 at 6:45 p.m.  Margaret came home from Portugal, arriving the night before the funeral, and stayed for two weeks helping me get things sorted out, disposed of and settled in a single room while I was away having cataract surgery in Red Deer, Alberta.  She had everything nicely arranged in Room 217 when I returned.  She did a noble job of arranging everything, and I greatly appreciated it."

        Our dad died at 10:10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 26, 1993, ata the Three Hills Health Care Centre, with three of his children close by, after a brief illness, the result of his age, 99 years.

        Six children survive, five of whom attended the funeral of David Roy Hartt.  They were David N. Hartt of Abbotsford, B.C.; James Richard Hartt of Pasadena, CA;  Margaret Grewell, nee Hartt of Magdalena, Porto, Portugal;  Bradford P. Hartt of Renton, WA; Charlotte Griffiths, nee Hartt, of Manokwari, Indonesia;  Joseph R. Hartt of Englewood, Co;  He is survived by 18 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren, some of whom were able to attend also.

        His testimony and love for the Lord and His people made him beloved of those who knew him.


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